Wednesday, May 31, 2006

News and more news!

The new home page will have news items updated frequently. The inside goss will be there and updated information on all the major news from everything in group fitness. I am really excited about the way the site is going to become a news site as opposed to a site you just enter to use the resources.

The site is going to evolve into an imformation portal.

Thanks to my class for their help!

I would like the thank the guys I teach Webpage Development and my Electronic Communications class I taught today and yesterday for the new idea for the Homepage and their awesome suggestions.

They really were of great help in changing the site and making it better. I asked them for their input into the design of the site and asked them for suggestions and they came up with a few. You are going to like what they suggested and many thanks for their input into the site :)

It is really special when my students inspire me with their wisdom and knowledge. When I started teaching them the subjects they knew nothing about the subjects that were taught and now they are teaching me.

Next week is their Home Page presentations. They should be awesome when they are finally presented to the class.

Teaching is a wonderful career and I love my work :)

So do you want to be a newhound for the new home page?

Wanted people who can contribute to the Home Page of the new site.

If you are interested please e-mail me :) and you can be the newshound for the new site.

Awesome :)

Been really busy latley!

I have been so busy latley and have not posted much recently.

I am busy learning Bodypump 58 and Bodybalance 33. They are awesome releases. This is everyones last chance to train up on the very last Bodypump choreographed by Michael J MC Sweeney. You are going to love this release and everything that he has choreographed in the release. I love track 4 and love track 6 on this release. WOW and track 7 is outstanding.

Bodypump 58 is going to rock your Bodypump world.

Awesome work as always from Michael :)

New Home Page!

On the 3rd June 2006 the new home page for the site will be launched here :)

Expect a dramatic overhall of the pages :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Daryl Hall and John Oates!

I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) on the 30th May 2006 well thats today Daryl and John have re - released this song!

Check it out for all those of us who remember it was a hit in 1982 :)

David Correa and Cascada!

They recorded a CD in 2004 called Incidents of Travel a well worth CD to have. Awesome tracklist as well.


Camino A Palenque - Panorama - Querida - Sol Y Luna - San Cristobal - Guacamole - La Plazuela - Turkish Dreams Bella Brisa - Extravaganza

Do yourself a favour and get ahold of her CD with David!

236 Members main forum!

Since the forum began it has had 236 members join up!

New name for the main forum!

Brand new name :) the new section is viewable by guests of the forum!


Our forum for the site please register!

About a year ago I launched the forum for the site and I guess it was a good idea. I added sections for other programs as well, Radical Fitness, BTS and now Fit Club International to the forum.

The aim of the site is to include people from here to come into the forum and participate there and interact with the Radical Fitness - BTS and Fit Club International folk.

Please register and join in and participate in the community.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Josh Groban Update!

I am a member of Josh's forum and asked if Josh was going to do a new CD well he is in the process of recording it.

So look out for new Josh material soon.

Thanks to the guys there for making me so welcome:)

We do have a personal training forum!

There is a personal training forum attached to the site.

Trying to get it up and running.

Subjects - Gym / Aqua / Aerobics and Personal Training Sections.

Talk about Periodisation - Application of Overload - ATP - Energy Systems - Krebs Cycle anything deep and totally about Personal Training.

Intro yourself there and talk about Personal Training there please.


Poll up and runing in the blogforum!

Should be interesting to see how far back everyone goes :)

Remember to vote you need to be a member of the site :)

Just an update!

I am redesigning the main website once again.


It will be up and running mid June. The aim of the site is to have everything accessible on the one page and that you can essentially do everything from the home page.

Site News will be on the main page - Updates - RSS Feeds - Podcasts and categories as well. There is also going to be a link to another site I run at another location.


New Poll!

There is a new poll please vote away and let me know what you want?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Discovering more options for the PopUpCard in June 2006!

On the card when it comes out in June there are things added that really amaze me. I kid you not. They are looking really flash and should be a great asset to the site.

I am amazed what is on them and what you can do with Raw HTML and Javascript.

Amazed to say the least!

It's a girl for Jolie and Pitt........

So way off topic!

The Article!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Congratulations to Chris Young on becoming 2006 Nashville Star!

Chris Young won series 4 of Nashville Star. I have no idea why I am posting this? Chris's music is awesome. I have posted 4 other country related entries here! I have no idea why I posted them here as well. I suppose I wanted to share his gear with everyone. I hope everyone looked at Carrie Umderwoods CD and Dirks Bentley's gear posted here awhile ago! Well one can hope :)

The big event occurred: May 2nd 2006.

I Wish I Was Lyin' is his first CD Out!

Chris Young Website

Click here to enter the Nashville Star Website!

This is country's version of American Idol!

I go from extreme to another here in music!

Our very own Kate Ryan!

Kate represented Belgium in Eurovision this year singing "'Je T'Adore sung by Kate Ryan"

Kate lost to Lordi (insert shock icon.)

Eurovision song contest continued!

Lordi are outraged that they have been unmasked and that their pictures are now all over the place.

No everyone is upset that they have been unmasked.

The price of fame. :)

Another 80's - 90's Mix!

About 8 or nine months ago I came up with a 80's class for Bodypump was having a Cafe Late and tought wow a retro mix two so the following came up!

Love Nicki French and all the artists below :)

01. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Nicki French)
02. UR the Best Thing (D:Ream)
03. Another Night (Real McCoy)
04. Mr Vain (Culture Beat)
05. Damm I wish I was your lover (Sophie B Hawkins)
06. Informer (Snow)
07. One More Time (Daft Punk) or I Need Somebody (Bardo)
08. Black Betty (Ram Jam)
09. Would I lie to you (Charles and Eddie)
10. Love will lead you back (Taylor Dane) or Walking Away (Craig David)

I would do a class if any of the above were used :)

Real McCoy!

Since we are in a retro mood with Bodypump 58! Would love to see Real McCoy in Bodypump. Or once in a while a falshback track like B52's and C & C Music Factory!

140,729 hits!

Just noticed that wow.

Huge thanks to everyone who visits here :)

Many thanks for that and to the people that have commented a special thank you!

What's going on guys (Bodypumpers.)?

The Bodypump forum is now a permanent feature of the Bodypump Blogger.

If you have registered please introduce yourself and get involved in the site. The site is there for everyone to register.

Bodypumpers please register.


The Thrillseekers!

I adore The Thrillseekers!

Click here to enter The Thrillseekers!

Enjoy :)

DJ Master Groove Martin Roth!

Check out the Trance Sounds of Martin Roth!

Awesome and Outstanding!

Martin Roth!

Friday, May 26, 2006

10/15/03 12:58:51 am and still!

I joined a forum on the 10/15/03 12:58:51 am and guess what I am still logged in there. I just re-entered the forum and it still says I am on-line!


Bodypump Instructor/Coach does anyone!

I have been in many forums over the last 8 years and constantly instructors ask questions like about the Chest Press and how to do it etc... it is still coming up.

Get a hold of exercise book, look at what Les Mills provides and use what they provide. Don't just watch what is the main event grab a cup of coffee and watch the whole event. They spend alot of time doing what they do and expect us to watch it.

Also do a Gym Instructor course so that there is some basic knowledge of Gym Instruction and what additional information that can of use in class. Do your Fitness Leader - Fitness Instructor or what ever it takes so that you know what the go is.


I understand that people have questions. I have no idea why I wrote the above, it must be the end of the week. If you have any questions regarding technique there are tons of places that you can ask. Explore your texts and also what Les Mills provide and search the internet for some sort of clarification.

Do the exercise yourself play around with the different options try them and see how they work and get to know the options.

Rant over!

Return of the Mack - Mark Morrision!

Wow that song from the mid 90's would have been an awesome track 9?

Can anyone think of any other tracks that would be an awesome track 9?

Dream Bodypump Part B!

Have you ever walked down a shopping mall and listening to to the music or heard a track that would be an awesome Bodypump track. The following is just a bit of fun and hope that everyone liked what I put together :)

I think it was January I did a Bodypump what if suggestion well I have been at it again and came up with the current mix (these are not in any Les Mills Bodypump) and a bit of fun :)

01. This Feeling (Lovemaker)
02. Smells like teen spirit (Warp Brothers)
03. Sorry (Madonna).
04. Girl (Uhh Uhh Yeah Yeah) - (Aquagen)
05. Cheap Trick Kinda Girl (Infernal)
06. Thunder in my Heart (Meck - Feat. Leo Sayer)
07. To be or not to be (Elio Riso and Raftfunk)
08. Push it (De Lorean)
09. Out With My Baby (Guy Sebastian)
10. So Beautiful (Darren Hayes - Savage Garden) or Listen to my Heart (Roxette) or As I lay Me down to Sleep (Sophie B Hawkins.)

That would be an awesome Bodypump. I am still thinking about my Bodypump Country Mix :) and a retro 80's mix.

kia ora to all :)

In a Galaxy Far Away......

Well its not the dramatic!

We had a track called BP 25 8 Jungle Bill Yello that track pretty was my challenge track if I could survive Jungle Bill I could survive any shoulder track then came Funky cold medina y2k Tone Loc from release 32 and then we had Can you feel it NYCC from an awesome release Bodypump 31.

I miss bar work ar the begining of track 8 of Bodypump. Who ever is choreographing the releases how about a shoulder track that is 100% bar work and massive pushups at the end :) I love the plate stuff but the Oldie Bodypumper in me is saying I want to experience shoulder dropping massive burns and BP 31 - BP 26 and BP 32 pretty much did that for me!

I got that off my chest :)

Account Deactivation!

If you have not used your account on the main forum and have not posted by the end of June the account will be deleted.

You have a grace period to post there. If you pass the grace period and have not posted the account will be deactivated.

If you want to extend your grace period please e-mail the admin of the site at:

LMADMIN (Les Mills - Radical Fitness - Bodytraining Systems - Fit Club International Forums.)
The worlds first tri-forum.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Embarasing Moment 1 I sing in the same octive range as Josh Grobin!

I was singing track 10 of Bodypump 58, and I forgot I was singing it. It is such a wonderfull track 10 in any Bodypump class.

And actually I can sing the song (insert shock Icon.) and sing it exactly like Josh Grobin :) maybe I should start a recording career and go on a "Reality Show" and get discovered!


Taylors first single out!

"Do I Make You Proud?"

By Ackerman and Watkins!

I now have a new favorite track 7 - Release 58!

Track 7 from Bodypump 58 is now my alltime favorite track 7 in the 50's series of Bodypump. Awesome track and a return of something special.

Two thumbs up to Michael for this track :)

Look away of you dont want to know!

Taylor Hicks won American Idol.

Will see what Taylor comes out with!

Introducing Colonia!

Wow and wow

Check them Out!

If they are not Bodypump then what is?


How cute is this?

Watch Dangerous Da Buzz!

Dangerous Da Buzz!

That track should be in Bodypump please!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Introducing Renegade Five!

I am into Gothic Rock and Acid Rock, as most people who have visited here for the last 2 1/2 years would know that. So this is another Gothic Rock act. I adore "Within Temptation" "QED" and this type of music it is raw and Gothic.

I loved "Track 3 BP 43 Enter Sandman Metalica" in Bodypump :)

Would love to see Gothic music in Bodypump :)

So of you are new here explore the site for some Gothic Rock :)

The journey begins world exclusive:

© 2006 AIRUS Entertainment

Save My Soul - Too Far - Shadows - Where you are Gone!

CD coming soon!

Are you ready for Renegade Five?

Renegade Five!

Euro IV Ever In America

Here it is the definitive E-Type CD. Just released in the USA and has every E-Type track one can think of.


01. Loud Pipes Save Lives 02. Paradise 03. Life 4. Arabian Style 05. When I Close My Eyes 06. Dans La Fantasie 07. Time 08. Banca Banca 09. Africa 10. No More Tears 11. Far Up In The Air 12. Forever More 13. The Predator 14. Star 15. Borschstjii 16. Campione 2000!

He also has a new US webiste at:


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Current music vibes!

Just added to the Bodypump Lounge!

What music are you listening to now :)

20 Registered Members of the Bodypump Lounge!

Thanks for registering :)

Look forward to you posting there :)

pipera :)

2 Option Control Panel Coming Up!

When the PopUpCards come there is a two option control panel to enter the release.

One is copyright (you have to agree to that)

Two is the main screen :)

From there its .............


The best cooldown ever!

Josh Grobin is a fine way to end a wonderful Les Mills Class on. I did not want to watch it on the DVD so I wanted to add my flavor to the track.

It is is strange that the releases you don't do at the workshops are more special. Like Bodypump 39 I enjoyed that one more without watching the Video and just immersing myself into the release.

Sometimes you need to just listen and then do :)

I adore this release and everyone will adore it as well.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Check the DVD for the current release!

Thanks to annelies :)

There is something or should I say someone else on the DVD!

Who is that?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bench Etiquette!

Pet hate when I go to use a bench that has been used:
  1. If you are using a bench please use a towel when doing track 3 and track 5.
  2. I don’t want to use a bench that someone has sweated all over and put my towel on that.
  3. It is a common courtesy to do that!
  4. Not doing that is so not cool and unhygienic!

That is not really hard to do bring in a towel so that I don't have to disinfect the bench prior to using it. Its like leaving a RPM Class and not wipping down the seat and handles with disinfectant towels......

Lots of people are now not doing that!They simply put their sweaty bodies on the bench and have no regard for the steppers - other gym goers who have to use the bench afterwards.


Christine Guldbrandsen!

Christine Guldbrandsen LOST the Eurovision contest this year. (Insert Shock Icon Here!)

Check Christines webiste for some quality music.

I know nothing about music to like her music and think she could have won!


Off Topic - Eurovision Song contest can someone let me off the next stop please!

How stupid for something like that to get up and win Eurovision, I am not going to stay up and watch that win!

How bad could the rest be I mean really?

What a joke this has turned Eurovision into!

I am shocked can someone let me off the ride at the next turn off please.


Bodypump 58!

Everyone has been talking about this release and I know why now. Simply this release 100 % perfection and what Michael has created is going to be adored by everyone.

This release should be used more than the recomended release time so that everyone can enjoy Michaels awesome work.

Michael has outdone himself if that is possible with this release.

He may have wanted to go out with a bang and this one is the big bang. Every track is just as perfect as you can get with any release choreographed by him.

You will not be disapointed in this release.

He has left a landmark release with this selection of tracks and music, I adore track 7 of this release.

It does not get any better than this release :)

I'll Be the Light Numero Uno!

Outstanding and awesome track 1 it is now my favorite number 1 in the 50's series of Bodypump. It reminds me of the 30's series of Bodypump and an awesome ending to a wonderful period where Michael J McSweeney was head of Bodypump and Product Manager.

A big thumbs up!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Track 4 Bodypump 58!

Michael has topped himself with this track, I thought Cascada from the previous release was awesome well track 4 on one is awesome :)

Distant Soundz

I am so into this group at the moment they are called Distant Soundz and they are from the UK.

Awesome music check out Stay (With The Sun Coming Up) on their website!

Distant Soundz!

The One and Only Damae!

Short and sweet!

If you know Fragma then you will know Damae well she has her own music out now and it is worth listening to.

Damae's Site!

Hope one day that they use her gear in Bodypump :)

Startup weights - Controversial?

Watching the DVD now for the current release. No one is using or well hardly anyone is using a 5kg plate each side which is the warmup weights for a Bodypump warm-up. They are all well some of them are using 2.5 kgs for a warmup.

Men need to use a 5 kgs each side for a warmup track anything less is not well cool and also 5 kgs for the biceps track as well.

Being controversial!


Friday, May 19, 2006

CAPP Records a Choreographers Heaven!

Check out their some awesome stuff there for any Les Mills Class in the future :)

So if any of the choreteam are reading here head over there :)

CAPP Records!

De Lorean - Push it!

©2006 Robbins Entertainment!
© 2006 - Robbins Entertainment

De Lorean have an awesome version of 3 BP 47 Push it (Again) Salt N Pepa on their myspace!


That track would rock as a track 8!




Flashback Series Feature PopUpCards!

The PopUpCards for the this round of releases are just about complete. On the cards would be a Flashback Feature which showcases a older release :)

I got the idea from listenting to American Top 40 years ago and decided to do a Flashback Series :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Whats coming up in the PopUpCards!

Some awesome things are coming when they come!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chris Doran!

I love Chris Doran and his music.

Chris Doran's!

Chris Doran Band's Website!

He has remade a song by Glen Medeiros song "Nothings gonna change my love for you" I also like the music of Glen. Glen's album goes back to 1986 and that was 20 years ago! Glen is a native of Hawaii and he also appeared on the soundtrack to "The Karate Kid".

Chris's debut CD!

1. Nothings gonna change my love for you 2. Superstition 3. End of the road 4. Cherish 5. I still believe in you 6. If my world stopped turning in the morning 7. Fast Car 8. I believe in you 9. Higher and higher 10. Looking for love
11. Nobody knows 12.Still 13. Angels brought me here 14. Right here waiting!

The first seems to be full of covers "Stevie Wonder - Gary Barlow - Kool and the Gang - George Michael - Richard Marx and Guy Sebastians song "When angles bought me here."

Chris has had two very outstanding CD's so far.

Would love to see a more mellow or relaxed track 10 in Bodypump!

Who knows!

14 years ago my first class!

About 14 years ago I taught my very first class ever (insert dis-belief on the time line icon here.)

Today I ran into one of the class participants. It was like just turning back time talking about the classes she attended, talking about how much things have changed in the last 14 years.

She also now works in the same industry. Its because she attended my class that lead to her working in the industry as well. That is what is so cool about teaching and what happens at the end of the class. You light the fire within them and then you see the light go on. They then get their wings and fly off and I love the fact the "Life Changing Experiences" happen all the time :) Les Mills International is so right when they say that :)

It has been one of those weeks!

How random is that!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Now she should be in Bodypump!

Entry below she should be in Bodypump! Can do Biceps or shoulders to her gear.

Its not English but the happy endorphins are there with her music :)

We never have music from that part of the world in aerobics.

Sanda Ladosi

I am hooked on her and her music I Admit (Romania) - Sanda I am listing to now.

Check out her website!

Man she has some awesome gear there!

Her URL Click Here!


Way too much information.....

Yesterday in class I was teaching a mobile phone went off and I told the student to hit the floor and give me 10 pushups (insert this is not a Les Mills Class and no Master Bodypump Instructors in sight thought.)

I cannot believe I said that to a student......

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Added a poll :) to the blog :)

Just curious?

There is a forum attached to the site!

New Head Choreographer Bodypump 59!

The new head choreographer is:

Glen Ostergaard what I have heard the new Product Manager is what I heard Susan Tolj .

Bodypump 58 Video Presentation!

I would have loved to see Michael present the last one he choreographed.

I would have loved to see someone at least acknowledge his contributions to the programs RPM which he created and Bodyump which he also co-created.

I would have at least like people acknowledge that he is and still is a wonderful choreographer and that Bodypump is done in more fitness facilities that any other fitness program in living memory.

I am!

I am grateful to have had Michaels teaching and education rub off on me. He is one of the very few people that I respect in the education sector. He is up there with the Dr's who have taught me at University and also up there with Dr Jackie Mills.

I am also grateful to Michael for giving me the gift of his music and exposing me to the different music that is out there. He certainly has left a mark on my life and what I personally listen to.

To be in a club of instructors trained under Michael Head Product Manger - Head choreography stay at Les Mills International is truly a gift and we now are an exclusive club that will never happen ever again.

kia ora to Michael and also to what he is going to do next.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Has anyone seen the Bodybalance Site!


I would ask everyone to read the Posting Tracklists option on the sidebar please!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Notices anything different?

The Bodypump Lounge is intergrated into the blog now with the same colour scheme.

If you enter the Bodypump Lounge it is exactly the same color.

How cool is that :)


30th November 2005 still nobody knows :)

Asked a questions well two November last year and guess what still waiting for the answer :)

Most used artist!

Does anyone know?

Also what track in the whole entire history of Bodypump is the most requested track?

Deep Dish!

I adore the music of Deepdish :)

They have an online media player.

I reviewed "Dreams Deepdish" here:

Deepdish Entry! Thursday, February 23, 2006 well congratulations they have hit the big time with that hit.

Go to their media player and listen to their gear. Tons of great future song suggestions for any less mills class (insert smile icon here.)

Does anyone remember Rockwell!

Back when I was a teenager (Rockwell) had a massive hit "Someone is Watching Me" well Bearfreak have their own version of the track!

You can hear it on their site! That song would rock in any Bodypump Class "Fast Track 3" back in the ealry days we had two track 3's.


You can see the video on their site :) that song would also rock in Bodyjam, RPM, Bodyattack, Bodycombat as well :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Awesome photo of the presentation team for Bodypump 59!

Below is a link to an awesome photo and a new presenters!

Bodypupump 59 Picture!

John and Peggy Cleland from Canada , Glen O, Susan Tolj and Steven Renata!


Main Les Mills Blog Entry!

O.A.R. (....of a revolution.)

The featured artist for May 2006!


As far as Dammed!

There is a group "As far as Dammed!"

Check their :)

Outrageous music man :)

Click here to access As Far as Dammed!

They are going to be the featured artists of June 2006!

Their CD is released on the 23rd May 2006! Also check out - O.A.R. (....of a revolution.) while you are there :)


Ray of Light Madonna!

That track would rock as a track 2 in any Bodypump or a track 3 in any Bodypump :)

I am currently in a Madonna listening mood :)

So whoever is choreographing Bodypump please have a listen :)

Vote 1 [X] Ray of Light - Madonna for Bodypump!

Coming Soon a Idols Sidebar Link!

Featuring Bo Bice, Carrie Underwood, Sevastian Guy, Shannon Noll to name a few :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Home Page

Please bookmark the new home page for this forum!

Other details coming soon!

See entry below!

New Home Page Direct!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Brad Carter - Morning Always Comes Too Soon

Brad Carter in 2004 releases Morning Always Comes to Soon!

If anyone from Les Mills who is choreographing any release the music of Brad Carter and that track would rock any release.


Record Number of Users Online!

Had it here last year decided to put it back it was 23 users!

Wolf - Immerse In The Blue!

© 2006 Emotive Sounds Italy

Love this music awsome

1. Immerse in The Blue (original Blue mix)
2. Immerse in The Blue (P8 Renaissance remix)
3. Immerse in The Blue (Daniel Kaufman remix)

Check out Wolf and his music :)

Lian Ross - Never Gonna Lose!

©2005 XYZ Records

Lian Ross has a new single out called "Never Gonna Lose"

When I hear the song I think of Michael and Bodypump the track is so suited to Bodypump.

She has a CD Called "The Very Best and More!"

It would be an awesome track 1 in any Bodypump!


Cosmic Gate feat. Jan Johnston - I Feel Wonderful!

I Feel wonderful is by Cosmic Gate and features Jan Johnson.

That track would rock as a lunge track in any Bodypump class.

Cosmic Gates Website!

Check it out at their website!

Cosmic Gate are awesome!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Marquee Added!

News about the site is now on a marquee at the bottom of each blogger!

So check there for site news and any other things happening here :)

Hang Tough - New Kids on the Block!

Vote 1 [X] New Kids on the Block - Hang Tough for a Biceps Track.

Kudos to Blogger now comments access to.....!

Just noticed this that when people are hard of hearing or visually impaired that they can now swtich on an option to type and post comments!

Awesome work to the guys at Blogger Support.

They really do care :)

Bodypump 56 Poll Results!

Here are the votes from the Bodypump 56 Poll.

Number 1: Rogue Traders
Number 2: Joana Zimmer
Number 3: Benny Benassi

Track No/Ttile/Artist/Poll Percentage!

01. I Believe (Give a Little Bit) - Joana Zimmer 11.99%
02. Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders 25.07%
03. She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals 5.72%
04. Why - DJ Sammy 2.45%
05. Satisfaction - Benny Benassi 11.44%
06. Gonna Make You Sweat (Steve Anderson & Dakeyne mix) - C& C Music Factory 7.36%
07. Wonderful Life (Dance Version) - Tina Cousins 8.17%
08. I Like The Way You Move - Bodyrockers 15.26%
09. Do you really want to Hurt Me - Blue Lagoon 3.00%
10. Angels - Robbie Williams 5.99%
BT: Spirit in the Sky - Gareth Gates 3.54%

Total: 367 Votes

TPTB Michael knows his stuff :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blue October!

Many may find this a bit of a shock I am a huge fan of Blue October. They have an awesome new CD titled "Foiled"

The guys have a deep emotional lyrical content.


You Make Me Smile- She's My Ride Home- Into The Ocean - What If We Could - Hate MeLet It Go - Congratulations X-Amount of words - Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek - Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down - Everlasting Friend - 18th Floor Balcony


Their music has adult content. It is aimed at an adult market place some of the lyrics of their music is [explicit] meaning that you enter their site and understand that their music is of a [explicit] nature.


Just love this group and their music.

Check their URL!


Create your own Bodypump 58 Journal!

As of release 58 I am doing a Bodypump Journal in the blogforum.

The blogforum also has three sections for Bodypump 56 - 57 and 58 and will grow to include other releases.

If you want to join in please register and enter your own Bodypump Journal there :)

Friday, May 05, 2006

E- Mail Digest BlogForum©2006!

E-Mail digest, you can set up under your user profile an E-Mail Digest request to get updated e-mails of new topics in the forums.

That is a really cool feature instant updates of all new topics all in one e-mail :)

Creating a Custom Title in the Forums!

Everyone needs one :)

On the Bodypump and Associated Forums you can request a custom user title.

If you are a Bodypump Instructor simply request a Bodypump Instructor since release.... and it will be customised for you!

I think thats a good idea you can tell people if you are a Instructor or Coach in Bodypump! If you look under mine you can see what I mean :)

This adds credential to the site!

Huge Rap for Australian Les Mills Instructors!

Australian Les Mills Instructors are world class. We celebrated 10 years of Les Mills in Australia. Les Mills launched Les Mills Pump in 1996 in Australia first followed by Bodystep and Bodyattack followed by Bodycombat Bodybalance and RPM.

On the main blogger site they have an article on Australian Les Mills and how passionate Australian Les Mills Instructors are. Record crowds turned up. Unfortunatley I could not be there.

Read the article at:

Click here for article on Les Mills: Sydney Convention 2006!

Links Option on the Bodypump Lounge!

If you want your site placed on the links option in the Bodypump Lounge Please enter the forum sign up and PM me!

It is a nice way of advertsing your Les Mills site!

Added to Links Tracklists in Bodypump Lounge!

I have added links to the Bodycombat - Bodyjam and Bodystep Tracklists to the dropdown list!


Thursday, May 04, 2006

LL Cool J!

LL Cool J has a awesome new single called "Control Myself" with Jennifer Lopez. I got the single today :)

It is from his new CD called "Todd Smith" the single can be heard on his website!


1. It's LL and Santana 2. Control Myself 3. Favorite Flavor 4. Freeze 5. Best Dress 6. Preserve The Sexy 7. What You Want 8. I've Changed 9. Ooh Wee 10. #1 Fan 11. Down The Aisle 12. We're Gonna Make It 13. So Sick 14. Control Myself

LL Cool J Website!

Bodypump Training Poll on Bodypump Lounge!

Have put a poll in three parts on the Bodypump Lounge would love to know the oldest Bodypump Instructor out there and how far they go back?

Adding an arcade feature to the Bodypump Lounge!

I was wondering if a Arcade Feature should be apart of the Bodypump Lounge?

Wonders what one can put into a Bodypump Arcade?


There are two polls on the Bodypump Lounge!

You have to be registered to vote or to say anything in them.

Enjoy voting in them :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Anyone going to say?

The forum is up and running the Balance BlogForum is now up and running!

Are Bodypumpers that shy?

Register and get involved :) and make new friends around the world!

Added to the area forums links and search function!

There are forums for each blog :)

I have now added a links option to them and the search for recent posts options.

Click on Links on any of the blogforums and access the other sites here.

Home Page - Main Forum - Single Forums - Bloggers - Tracklists!

So that you can skip from forum to blog etc....

Tobias Regner

I still Burn is his single currently out.

From His CD "Straight"

01.She's So 02.I Still Burn - Radio Version 03.My One Mistake 04.Hologram 05.Homeless Heart 06.Singular 07. Someday 08.I Know 09.All My Life 10.Let It Die 11.In Your Hands 12.Another Second Chance.

Love his first CD out! Tobias is going to go places!



Tarkan has a new single called Bounce which I like! Where he is from he is considered hot, he is currently taking parts of the world by storm :)

Check out his URL:

Tarkan's Website!

Elixabeth Fields!

Speak in Sympathy (Original Mix) ..

That is all I have to say...... :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pretty Young Thing - Tina Cousins

On the 13th May 2006 Tina Cousins releases her newest single from her CD of last year. We have had Wonderful Life and also Come to Me.

Maybe Pretty Young Thing could pop up in a future release.

Lets hope so :)

Lisa Scott-Lee

Her latest single Electric from her CD single Electric. I like the single the highlight of the CD single is track 5 Latley which is an awesome song :) Latley would be an awesome addition to any Bodypump class maybe a track 3 or 5.

Lisa Scott Lee's Website!

Check her website and discover her music!

Bodypump and Pregnancy Handout!

I just discovered I had a copy on my computer will do it up and place it here!

Bodypump and Pregnancy - Educational Usage Only!

The following was freely available on the old BTS (USA - Site!) it was there for participants who were pregnant or wanting information about the classes before attending a Les Mills Class.

Participant handout

Pregnancy & BODYPUMP® A guide to safe participation!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to BODYPUMP®. The information contained within should act as a guide only. It will answer questions you may have about BODYPUMP® and help you safely and comfortably participate throughout the various stages of your pregnancy. It is additional to advice given by your pregnancy doctor or caregiver, and should be discussed with them, should you have any concerns.

Benefits of attending BODYPUMP® during pregnancy!

BODYPUMP® will help you sleep better.
BODYPUMP® will increase your energy.
BODYPUMP® will improve your posture.
BODYPUMP® will increase your muscle tone.
BODYPUMP® will increase your strength and endurance.
BODYPUMP® is a great form of strength training while pregnant, and really helps you maintain good postural alignment and stability.

Pregnancy precautions:

You must seek clearance from your doctor before commencing BODYPUMP®. The guidelines below are general in nature & constant monitoring is recommended.
If cleared, but new to BODYPUMP®, we advise that you participate with care, especially during weeks 11-14. Strive to keep your heart rate below 140bpm (Heart rate monitoring is recommended).

Avoid holding your breath with exertion (valsalva manoeuvre).

Please introduce yourself to the BODYPUMP® Instructor before class. This will ensure options or modifications to exercises can be given to you when necessary.

Widen your stance when standing to widen your base of support for balance.

Do not compress your baby. Avoid lying prone on your abdomen in the cooldown/ stretch phase of the class & avoid lying Supine (face up) for extended periods (2 – 3 minutes).

Assume an optional position such as the Child’s Pose to stretch your back.

Do not increase your weights as a compensation for reduced range of movement.

As your pregnancy progresses, we encourage you to be very cautious & come up off the bench by rolling onto your side and using your upper body strength to push yourself off.

Stay well hydrated, wear comfortable clothes and do not exercise if it is too hot or humid.

You will notice changes in balance as your pregnancy progresses. To help you maintain balance while – stretching on one leg and performing squats or lunges, place the bar on one end and use it as a third leg.

We do not recommend the advanced abdominal work of BODYPUMP®, especially during the third trimester. We suggest alternative exercises such as the Bridge exercise or Supine One Leg Raising.

Please ask your Instructor to demonstrate these.

Most importantly, listen to your body. Go at your own pace and never exercise to exhaustion. Be guided by your own physical needs and responses. Know & understand all the warning signs of when to STOP i.e. feeling very hot, faint, short of breath, palpitations, blurred vision, feeling disorientated, headaches, abdominal pain, cramping, back or pubic pain & seek further medical advice.

Use the Child’s Pose whenever you need to rest. It is a great way to relieve lower back tension and help you relax.

Enjoy your workout & this wonderful time in your life!

Consult your health care provider always before attending any Group Fitness Class!
Copyright © 1994 Les Mills International
Purpose: Edcuational Usage Only!
Under the copyright act of 1968

Monday, May 01, 2006

Totally Amazed!

I am so amazed what you can do in the blogforums. I learn new things all the time about posting the functions of the forum.

I am totally amazed :)

Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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